Blue Screen Error

Resolve Blue Screen Error

Windows 10 usually suffers from the issue of the blue screen during the update, startup, and also sometimes all of a sudden while a user is working onto the device. The occurrence of windows blue screen error in the device is also referred to as the stop error and death screen error. Other death errors include red, green, and yellow screen errors on the device. It is usually the result of technical glitches during the working of the operating system.

Although the error may appear helpless to the users it can be easily resolved by implementing a few steps of solution. The Computer tech team can also be connected to resolving the issue of blue screen error from the device. A user can dial the computer phone number to connect with the team of customer service. This blog is to guide the users to simple steps for resolving the blue screen error under different circumstances. 

Common Causes behind the occurrence of Blue Screen error 

1. Issues occurred during the update. 

2. Introduction of the incompatible software application program in the device. 

3. Technical glitches in the hardware components of the device. 

4. The action of bugs on the device. 

5. Resolving Blue Screen error in Windows while Upgrading 

It is common for the users to get stuck with a blue screen death error while trying to update the Windows 10 of the device. The presence of damaged files present in the system device is usually responsible for the error in such a case. Hence uninstalling the non-essential applications software is a good way to resolve the issue from the device. 

Process of Uninstalling Applications 

Step-1: Go to the Start icon.  

Step-2: Select the icon of Settings.  

Step-3: Choose the option of Applications. 

Step-4: Select the option of Apps & features.  

Step-5: Choose any unnecessary application. 

Step-6: Select the button of Uninstall.  

Step-7: Re-select the button of Uninstall from the appeared list of options. 

Step-8: Follow the on-screen commands to complete the process. 

Step-9: Repeat from step-5 to step-9 to remove the rarely used applications from the device. 

The team of the Computer help services can be connected with to seek effective resolution for the occurrence of blue screen death error from the device.  

Resolve Blue Screen Error

Downloading the Upgraded files 

Step-1: Click on the Start icon. 

Step-2: Select the ‘Settings’ option.   

Step-3: Click on the option of ‘System’. 

Step-4: Select the ‘Storage’ section from the list. 

Step-5: Choose the option of  ‘Free up space’

Step-6: Select the option of ‘Remove files’.  

Step-7: Choose unnecessary files from the list.   

This will resolve the issue of system error from the device of the user. Blue screen error in windows is one of the most common forms of system errors. As it prevents the user from performing any other action successfully in the device so it has also been named as the name stop error. Connecting with the team of Computer tech services helps in resolving the issue in less time. This saves time and resources for the user.

In case the user faces any problem the user can connect to the windows supports phone number. The team member of the Microsoft Windows support phone number is available 24/7 to resolve your problem. The team member will connect you to the computer tech service.  

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