Roku Error code 009

There is an error called Roku error code 009 that is going to occur on your TV when your Roku device is not connected to the Internet. The error clearly indicates that the Roku device is connected to the wireless router but still your incoming connection is not working or having the proper internet connection, In simple words, your wireless internet is not going to work properly.

There are some steps you can follow that can follow to solve the Roku error code 009 

  1. Switch off your Roku device, Make sure that you disconnect the power cable from it.
  2. Wait for the lights to go off, Then turn off your wireless router.
  3. Then next remove the data from the wireless router.
  4. Then you need to wait for a minute before you reconnect your power cable.
  5. Firstly, turn on your wireless router.
  6. Then again wait for seconds for the router to reboot up.
  7. Check and make sure that your wireless router is working properly.
  8. Once your internet connection is established successfully, then turn on your Roku device.
  9. Now, try to connect a Roku device to the wireless network.
  10. Now perform the activation process as before.
  11. Once after the activation process, check if the issue continues.
  12. If the Roku error code 009 is resolved, then continue your router as per your need. 

But sometimes, the users are not tech-friendly and they are unaware of how to fix Roku error 009. In that scenario, you can call tech experts at Roku customer service where they can solve your issues. When you’re facing issues, resetting the router is the right thing to do. Most of the time it’s going to resolve the error magically, Thus when your Roku device is not able to connect with the internet, the first thing you must do is restart your or reset the router.

There are various other options from where you can reset the router by pressing a button or by visiting settings. In case you’re unaware of how to reset the router then connect with the customer service they will help you out.

If the DNS arrangements are modified you need to check the advanced settings and then choose ACL/MAC address filtering, By choosing ACL/MAC in the advanced settings the Roku will be able to go online and it may fix the Roku error code 009 with your device.

You also make sure that your internet is working properly or not, Also make sure that your device is perfectly or not. In case your device is not working properly, you’re going to face Roku error code 009. If the above-mentioned steps don’t work for you, please try connecting with Roku support. The Roku customer service will surely help you. 

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