Update BIOS in Computer

Update BIOS in Computer

BIOS  is an abbreviation that stands for Basic Input / Output System. The purpose of BIOS is to ensure a smooth channel of communication between the operating system and hardware of the computer. It is essential to Update BIOS in Computer to enhance various features including the management of bugs and capability of the device. Users may exploit the assistance from the team of  computer help services to ensure a smooth Update BIOS in Computer. Users of desktops, laptops, PCs, etc. can connect with the customer care team by using the computer phone number. It must be noted that Update BIOS in Computer is not just a matter of clicks and may lead to various changes in the working of the computer or laptop. So, it is advisable to consult with the skilled expert’s of computer tech service before trying one’s hand on Update BIOS in Computer. In such a case the user can connect to the computer tech service via computer support phone number.

What is BIOS

BIOS is the first and foremost software program that starts running on the PC as soon as it is switched on. Almost every computer user has seen it working on the device but would have failed to notice it. The running of BIOS can be observed as the white text that flashes over the dark screen of the computer as soon as it is switched on. Without BIOS an operating system will require to extract extra details and functions to properly work in coordination with the computer hardware. So technically it acts as a layer where the operating system easily coordinates and exchanges data with the computer hardware in less time.

BIOS is responsible for running the Power On Self Test also known as POST. This test enables the computer to discover and work with various devices connected to it. To update BIOS in a laptop is not frequent like the case of an operating system software update or an application software update. A user may avoid updating BIOS if the computer is working completely fine without issues, errors, or bugs. Many users have reviewed with zero changes observed in the computer after BIOS update. Some even complained of new challenges and issues after getting an BIOS update.

The major reason for update your computer’s BIOS is when a user faces bugs that are eliminated in the newer version or the updated version. Another common reason for updating BIOS is when a user updates or upgrades the CPU of the computer.

Precautions to take when Update BIOS in ComputerLaptop

It is necessary to take certain precautions before beginning the process of Update BIOS in Computer. Failing to take them may lead to a messy situation for the user causing more inconvenience and anxiety to the user of the device. The recommended list of precautions to be taken are as followed.

Create a Backup

You do not want to lose access to any important data be it an official file related to work or some snaps from the last vacations. Any issue or error occurred during the process of updating the BIOS can lead to complete failure of the device for the booting process. The user will simply fail to access any important data or file from the computer. Thus, it is best advised to create a backup of all the important files and documents on an external device.

Constant Power Supply

It is essential to maintain a constant power supply to the computer or laptop during the process of up-gradation. In the case of a laptop the user should keep the battery fully charged to ensure the supply of power during the updating process. While a desktop user should invest in an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) before starting with the process of Update BIOS in Computer.

Learn features of new BIOS

Various changes may or may not be observed in the computer after Update BIOS in Computer. It is necessary to go through the user manual and decide if the changes are necessary or unnecessary for the user. Feel free to connect with the team of computer help services to avoid confusion and unneeded hard work spent on the process.

Check the current version of BIOS

You may be surprised but your device may already have the latest version of BIOS in it. So, there’s no point in updating a well working BIOS with the same version of it. Check the current version of BIOS in the device by implementing the following steps.

Step-1: Go to the Start menu.

Step-2: Type ‘System information’ on the search bar

Step-3: Locate and note the current version of BIOS from the list.

Update BIOS in Computer/ Laptop

After ensuring all the previously mentioned precaution a user can BIOS update by implementing the following steps.

Step-1: Open your preferred search engine.

Step-2: Search the motherboard manufacturer’s website.

Step-3: Open the official website.

Step-4: Go to the ‘download’ section.

Step-5: Select the motherboard model of your computer.

Step-6: Download the BIOs update.

Step-7: Close all the other programs.

Step-8: Run the downloaded file after extracting it from the archive file.

The device will automatically restart once the process gets complete. However, any discontinuity in the power supply during the process of update can lead to severe damage in the motherboard of the device. Also, the update file should be ensured to be matching with the motherboard of the device. Downloading and running the update file without matching with the motherboard of the computer can cripple the device. Use hardware information tool to learn about the motherboard present in your computer, laptop, desktop, etc. Any sort of issues faced in Update BIOS in Computer can be difficult for a non-technical user to resolve.

The user may also fail to identify the correct Update BIOS in Computer. It is suggested that the process of the update should be done with a cool and calm mind. The team of computer tech service can also be connected via computer support phone number when one fails to find the right update for the device. It is better to take some help than get stuck in a worse situation. Computer support phone number is available 24/7. The users’ will be able to resolve any problem for the right update for the device as the computer support phone number will connect to the skilled experts of computer tech service.

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