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How to create outlook account 

Outlook can be used to set up to pick up the mail from your different email accounts which include your web based accounts. The user can use the tool menu item at the top of the window. One of the most popular email clients, used by millions of people and this popularly termed as Microsoft Outlook. It might be considered as subject to corruption and data loss. The user can create outlook account. To create outlook account you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to create Outlook account

  1. You have to connect to the Microsoft outlook.com.
  2. You will now use this page to create a new outlook.com email account.
  3. Now you have to add your name.
  4. Now you have to add the email name you would like to use.
  5. If someone else is using the same user name you can select a new username.
  6. Now you have to add the other requested information. 
  7. You will be requested to add two ways Microsoft can get a hold of you. For this you can use alternative email account and phone number to provide.
  8. After the completion of the above steps.
  9. Now a new outlook.com email address will be created.
  10. Now you will automatically be connected to your new outlook.com email account.
  11. Now you can send your first email.
  12. Now you can check your email from anywhere by the link provided http://outlook.com.

The above-mentioned steps will help you to create outlook account. Sometimes, users are not able to access their account. The users can do outlook account recovery. In case of any query, for outlook account recovery user can connect to customer support.

You may have blocked some people in the past but now want to connect with them. There can be confusion among Outlook users when they try to do it for the first time. Furthermore, when you have your own account blocked there can be more confusion. Don’t worry you have the option of recovery Outlook account that can be utilized at any point of need. Moreover, you can also connect with the skilled team of outlook customer service for any technical assistance. Whether you have your own account blocked or someone else this blog gives the solution to both the situation.

Steps To Unblock A Blocked Sender

Step-1: Open a preferred web browser on the device.
Step-2: Type ‘Outlook login’ from the keyboard.
Step-3: Press Enter button from the device.
Step-4: Now click to visit the official login page.
Step-5: Enter your credentials to log in.
Step-6: Once logged in go to the section of ‘Settings’.
Step-7: Choose the option ‘View all Outlook Settings’.
Step-8: Go to the left side to find the option of ‘Mail’.
Step-9: Click on it to open ‘Mail’.
Step-10: A popup menu will open on the screen.
Step-11: Click to select the ‘Junk mail’ option from the list.
Step-12: This will open the section of ‘Blocked Senders and Domain’.
Step-13: Here you can see the list of blocked senders.
Step-14: To unblock an account click on the ‘trash can’ icon next to it.
Step-15: Save your Settings.
Step-16: Now close the Settings

I hope the above information proved useful to the readers. Connect with the outlook customer service team if you find an issue in executing the steps of the above solution. Once you unblock an account the sender will be able to connect with you over emails using the Outlook account.
Having your Outlook account blocked can lead to serious loss of communication for the users. You can lose communication with important emails of both personal and professional nature. Luckily users can do Outlook account recovery with just a few simple and easy steps of execution.

Steps To recover Outlook Account

Step-1: Visit the official login webpage.
Step-2: Enter your email address.
Step-3: Tap the option of ‘Forgot Password’.
Step-4: This will land you to the page of the ‘recover account & reset password’.
Step-5: Now, you may need to enter the email address again.
Step-6: Enter the displayed captcha value.
Step-7: Ensure to enter it correctly.
Step-8: Tap on the icon of ‘Next’ after entering captcha
Step-9: This will generate a security code on the registered mobile number.
Step-10: Type the received security code here.
Step-11: Click on Ok or press Enter.
Step-12: You will be required to create a new password.
Step-13: Ensure to use alphanumeric characters in the password.
Step-14: Save the new password.

This will change your password and successfully recover outlook account. Outlook customer service team is available if you fail to recover outlook  account. Users can connect at any time of need.

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