how to reset hotmail password

This blog is to teach users how to reset the Hotmail password. There could be several reasons behind resetting the Hotmail password and the common ones include forgetting them and losing your smartphone. Changing the password ensures that anyone having hold of your smartphone will not be able to access your account.

Steps To Reset Hotmail Password

Step-1: Open Outlook application on the smartphone

Step-2: Alternatively, visit the official website via the internet browser.  

Step-3: Enter your email address.

Step-4: Click on the icon of ‘Add Account’. 

Step-5: A new page will open asking your password.

Step-6: Click on the icon of ‘Forgotten My Password’. 

Step-7: This will land you to a new page with 3 distinct options. 

Step-8: Select the option of ‘I have forgotten my password’.

Step-9: Now, click on the icon of ‘Next’.

Step-10: A new page will open with captcha value.

Step-11: Enter the captcha value. 

Step-12: Click on the icon of ‘Next’.

Step-13: The page of ‘Verify your identity’ will open.

Step-14: Choose either email or phone number for verification.

Step-15: Now, click on the icon of ‘Send Code’.

Step-16: The code will be received.

Step-17: Enter the received code and click on next. 

Step-18: The page to create a new password will open. 

Step-19: Create your new password and select Next.

You can now use your new password effectively. It is advisable to use alphanumeric characters to form a strong password. Hotmail users should avoid sharing the password with anyone. 


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