jammed paper

The issue of paper jam is pretty common to the users. Printers of every brand suffer from the issue of jammed paper in the device. The common causes behind the occurrence of this issue are manhandling the device, unscientific use, and rapid switching on and off of the device. The issue of jammed paper in the printer can be frustrating but it can be resolved with a few steps of implementation on the device. Alternatively, users can also connect with the team of  Printer Customer Service to resolve the issue. Printer Support Phone Numberis available for the users in this regard. Let us look at the common causes, effective precautions, and easy solution for fixing the issue of jammed paper from the printing device. 

Jammed Paper

Common Causes causing the issue of Paper Jam in the device

1. Manhandling the device. 

2. Switching the device on and off without any reason. 

3. Keeping the device in an unbalanced way. 

4. Avoiding the service of the device for too long. 

5. Using low-quality thick paper for printing. 

Effective Precautions while fixing the issue of Paper Jam 

1. Avoid pulling the paper with heavy force. 

2. Don’t pull out the paper from under the cover. 

3. Ensure to remove small bits from the rolling rod and also from the paper tray. 

4. Check the carriage is moving freely once the jammed paper is removed from the device. 

Jammed Paper

Steps to fix jammed paper from the Printer 

Step-1:  Switch off the device to avoid any chances of injury. 

Step-2:   Additionally unplug the source of Power supply.  

Step-3:  Remove the loose paper bundle from the tray. 

Step-4:  Gently open up the main cover. 

Step-5:  Remove any small piece of paper from the main cover.  

Step-6:  Now firmly grasp the paper from the two ends. 

Step-7:  Gently try pulling out the paper. 

Step-8:  Ensure to put an equal amount of force from both sides.   

Step-9:  If the paper does not move then try pulling with alternative movements of the hands.  

Step-10:  Alternatively, use a pair of tweezers to pull out the paper.   

Step-11:  If the paper gets torn then ensure to catch hold of every bit.  

Step-12:  If the paper does not get removed, then open the Print head with a gentle force.   

Step-13:  Open up the cartridges smoothly. 

Step-14:  Now, try removing the paper in a similar fashion stated before. 

Step-15:  Check for small bits of torn pieces of paper. 

Step-16:  Using tweezers remove the small pieces as well. 

Step-17:  Put back the cartridges and close the Print head. 

Step-18:  Plug-in the power supply and switch on the device.  

Users can dial the Printer Customer Care Number at any time of need to seek an immediate solution to the issue. The team of Printer Support Numberis renowned for giving easy and effective solutions to the issues of the printing device. While resolving the issue of paper jam one may feel the urge to quickly pull up the paper with heavy force. However, this usually leads to a messier situation and should be avoided.

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