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Avast is a popular antivirus software program. The Avast antivirus is highly successful in preventing a device from the threats of viruses, malware, spyware, etc. A user of a computer, laptop, desktop, etc. can easily install Avast antiviruson both Windows and Mac. Nowadays no online user should run a computer or desktop without keeping strong antivirus software in it. A virus attack from the online platform can cause huge loss to computer users.

Right from corrupting valuable files to the theft of data, there are various ways in which potential hackers can cause inconvenience to the users. Users should activate Avast antivirussoftware program to prevent one-self from such a scenario. This blog is to guide the readers about the simple and easy way of downloading, installing, and activating the Avast antivirus software on Windows and Mac. Luckily the Avast antivirus software has both free and paid versions.

The process of activation of paid features of the antivirus program requires entering the activation key of the product. On making an online purchase the activation key is usually sent to the email of the buyer. While in an offline purchase the key is available in the kit only. It is recommended not to share the activation key with anyone else.  

Steps to Download Avast on Windows 

The process of downloading Avast antivirus software is easy. All a user is required is to search the software online and download it from the official website. A few clicks will successfully download the Avast antivirus on the user’s desktop. 

Step-1: Open a preferred search engine preferably Google or Bing. 

Step-2: Type ‘Avast antivirus for Windows. 

Step-3: Click on the ‘Ok’ icon to begin the search. 

Step-4: A list of websites will appear on the screen. 

Step-5: Ensure to open the official website by clicking on it. 

Step-6: Click on the orange tab that says ‘Download for Windows 

Step-7: This will open the download page of the antivirus software.  

Step-8: Now click on the option of Download Now on this page. 

Step-9: Wait for the process of download to complete. 

Steps to Install & Activate Avast on Windows 

Avast Antivirus

After downloading the antivirus software program, the user needs to install Avast antivirus and activate Avast antivirus on the device. Without the completion of this process, the software remains inactive on the device. 

Step-1: Select the ‘Start’ icon with a click.  

Step-2: Click on ‘My Computer’ from the menu. 

Step-3: Now select C-drive and open it. 

Step-4: Go to the folder of ‘Users’. 

Step-5: Select open the folder of ‘Downloads’. 

Step-6: Find the downloaded file of Avast antivirus. 

Step-7: Double click on the file. 

Step-8: Select ‘Yes’ when asked for permission. 

Step-9: Accept ‘Yes’ two more times 

Step-10: Wait till the installation process completes. 

Step-11: Use right-clicks over the icon of Avast. 

Step-12: Go to ‘Registration Information’. 

Step-13: SelectMy licenses’. 

Step-14: Choose to enter ‘Activation Key’. 

Step-15: OrSelect the button of ‘Upgrade Now’. 

Step-16: Choose Avast free antivirus if you want to use the free version. 

Users can either go for the activation key if they have purchased a version of the antivirus software or simply avail the complimentary version of the software. For paid features of the antivirus software step, 14 is the last step while others must complete the other two steps as well to activate Avast antivirus.  

Steps to Download Avast on Mac 

The process of downloading the Avast antivirus program on Mac is much like that of downloading Avast on Windows. A few minor differences exist in the downloading process such as the search text on the browser and selecting the software from the official website. The steps to be performed for downloading the Avast antivirus software on Mac are given below.  

Step-1: Open the search engine on the device 

Step-2: Type ‘Avast antivirus for Mac’. 

Step-3: Click on the icon of ‘OK’ to start the search. 

Step-4: The screen will display a list of websites. 

Step-5: Click open the official website from the list. 

Step-6: Click on the tab that displays ‘Free Download 

Step-7: The download page will open on the screen.  

Step-8: Select the option of ‘Download Now’ from the page. 

Step-9: Allow some time for the process to complete. 

Steps to Install & Activate Avast on Mac 

As soon as the downloading process gets complete users can move towards the next step of installation and activation of the software on the device. The paid features of the Avast antivirus program are available only after entering the activation key into the software.  

Step-1: Locate the file of Avast antivirus in the device. 

Step-2: Double-click the file to start the installation process. 

Step-3: Follow the on-screen commands. 

Step-4: Wait till the installation process completes. 

Step-5: Now open the window of New Finder. 

Step-6: Move to the top of ‘Menu Bar’. 

Step-7: Select the tab of ‘Applications’. 

Step-8: Double-click on the Avast application. 

Step-9: This will open the antivirus software. 

Step-10: Click on the icon ‘Menu’ from the list. 

Step-11: Now Select the option of ‘Activate Paid features’ from the list.  

Step-12: Type the activation key in the box. 

Step-13: Now click on the icon of ‘Activate’ 

Step-14: This will initiate the paid antivirus software on the device.  

The activation key can also be pasted on the blank column instead of typing it on the column. The activation key is unique for each purchase to reduce the chances of misuse. This is advantageous to both the antivirus provider and the customers as well. On facing any issues with the activation key, one should check whether the ‘Caps Lock’ button is on or off especially in the case of alphanumeric characters.

The steps to install Avast antivirusis easy to implement even for a naive user. However, one must ensure to download the antivirus software program only from the official website. This avoids any chance of landing on duplicate products and copies of the antivirus software program.     

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