laptop not restarting issue

Fix Laptop Not Restarting Issue

Suffering from the issue of the laptop not restarting can be very irritating to the users with sometimes you may feel like throwing the device in the garbage. Furthermore, it also leads to worries and anxieties among the users of the device. Users looking for a quick solution may contact the computer support team. The team of computer customer service ensures a quick solution to the issues of a laptop, computer, desktop, PCs, etc. The user can connect to customer service via the computer support phone number. Multiple forms of issues may erupt in which the laptop may fail to start effectively. This blog is to guide the users on how to resolve multiple issues related to the start of a laptop, desktop, PC, etc.

Steps To Fix Laptop Not Restarting Issue

When the laptop completely fails to start i.e. the device does not get switched on at all then you may try the following steps to resolve the issue.

Step-1: Check the power cable is not loose from any end

Step-2: If the power cable is loose then fix it. 

Step-3: Now try to start the device.

Step-4: If the device fails to start then go for the next step.

Step-5: Open the battery of the device. 

Step-6: Now open the power cable along with the adapter of the device.

Step-7: Press the power button for around 15 to 20 seconds.

Step-8: Now connect the power cable with the adaptor. 

Step-9: Ensure not to connect the battery.

Step-10: Again, press the power button for a long. 

Step-11: This should reboot the device.

The above solution usually resolves laptop not restarting issue. However, if the issue still exists in the device then connect with the computer customer service team for an instant solution to the issue. There are other common issues related to starting up as well. Let us look at other such common issues faced by the users.

Methods To Fix Laptop Starting Issues

Method-1: Remove New Software Programs

You may have been surfaced with the message that the laptop did not start correctly and needs to run an automatic repair. To prevent the issue from arising again you need to remove the new software programs installed into the device.

Step-1: Put in the ‘Windows bootable drive’ on the laptop.

Step-2: Choose a preferred ‘language’ from the list of options. 

Step-3: Choose the option of ‘Next’.

Step-4: Select the option of ‘Repair Computer’. 

Step-5: Find and choose the option of ‘Troubleshoot’.

Step-6: Find and select the option of ‘Advanced’.

Step-7: Find and choose the option of ‘Startup Settings’.

Step-8: Find and select the option of ‘Restart’.

Step-9: Now press the button F4 from the keyboard

Step-10: This boots the Window into the safe mode. 

Step-11: Now, remove the newly installed software from the device.

Method-2: Run System File Checker

The device can also be booted by using the system file checker into the run box. This method scans the hard disk to fix laptop not restarting issue.

Step-1: Put in the ‘Windows bootable drive’ in the device.

Step-2: Choose a preferred ‘language’ from the list of options.

Step-3: Select the option of ‘Next’.

Step-4: Now go to the Start icon. 

Step-5: Open the run box.

Step-6: Alternatively, you can press Shift+F10 to open the command.

Step-7: Type the command ‘SFC/scan now. 

Step-8: Now, hit the Enter button.

Step-9: This will start the System File Checker. 

Step-10: Let the process complete.

Step-11: Now type exit in the box

Step-12: Hit the Enter button from the keyboard.

Step-13: Go to the Start icon. 

Step-14: Choose the power icon.

Step-15: Select the option of Restart from the pop-up menu. 

Method-3: Try Rebuilding CBD

Once the Boot configuration Data (BCD) gets corrupt then the device runs from issues of start up on the device. Hence rebuilding the Boot configuration Data is an efficient way of escaping the laptop not restarting issue.

Step-1: Put in the ‘Windows bootable drive’ in the device.

Step-2: Choose the preferred ‘language’ from the list of options. 

Step-3: From the list of icons Select ‘Next’.

Step-4: Find & select the icon of ‘Repair Computer’.

Step-5: Select the icon of ‘Troubleshoot’.

Step-6: Choose the option of ‘Command Prompt’.

Step-7: Type the command bootrec/fixmbr.

Step-8: Press Enter from the keyboard. 

Step-9: Type the command bootrec/fixboot.

Step-10: Press Enter from the keyboard. 

Step-11: Type the command bootrec/rebuildbcd.

Step-12: Press Enter from the keyboard.

Step-13: Click on the ‘Start’ icon of the screen. 

Step-14: Select the power icon.

Step-15: Choose the icon of Restart from the pop-up list.

This should resolve laptop not restarting issue. Users can contact the computer support team to resolve any issue occurring on the device at any time of need. The team of customer service is available for round-the-clock hours to resolve the issues of the user. The users can connect to the computer support phone number. The team members of the computer support phone number are available 24/7 and will connect you to the team members of the customer service to fix laptop not restarting issue.

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