How To Buy A Domain From Google

Buy Domain From Google

If you need services to register a domain then going for the Google domain is an excellent choice. It may not be surprising to learn that the google domains are one of the best services offered to the users. One can easily buy domain from google via online services. Simply visiting the official website will enable you to buy domain from Google and hosting from Google. Read this blog to learn various important parameters related to domain hosting and how to easily buy domain from Google.

What Is Meant By Google Domains

The google domains are a form of Domain registration service offered by the search engine for effective services. Using the services, you can easily register the name of your WordPress site domain. Unfortunately, unlike other popular domains available to the users the Google domains do not come with hosting. This means as a user you will be needed to buy web hosting separately from the server. This may be a little troublesome for the users.

Although the separation of the domain from the Hosting may sound tricky it has its share of advantages to the buyers. It offers you the chance to connect the Google domain with your personal choice of hosting. So the user needs not to buy hosting from Google when getting other options to go for. Another major advantage the users get when they buy domain from google is that the connectivity to multiple Google services becomes easier for the users. Users can easily access the services of G-suite, Google Search Console, etc. 

Some Frequent FAQs with Google Domain

 Is The Google Domain Helpful With WordPress Websites?

The answer is an obvious Yes to the question. Although the users will require WordPress hosting to power the website, the presence of Google Domains makes it easier for the users to connect the domain and the WordPress hosting. The majority of the users can resolve any issues of connection by following a simple set of instructions. Connect with the team of customer service when facing issues of domain connectivity.

Does Google Domain Offers Hosting?

Sadly, the answer is no to the question. Unlike the popular web domain, you don’t get the complimentary service of hosting when buying a domain from Google. So a separate investment is required for hosting when you buy google domain. However, on the positive side, you can buy hosting other than google to connect with the domain.

Can We Use Google Domain To Work For Email?

Yes, the search engine allows users to use the domain for email services. This means the users can create their custom email addresses to work with. There are broadly two categories of emails offered in Google domains and are as follows:

  1. The first one allows the user to create multiple email aliases to use them for the existing accounts. The purpose of emailing can be served for Gmail as well as other email accounts available to the users.
  2. The second one is a bit costlier and can be used to integrate Google G suit as a hosting email. Also, get the availability of a whooping 30 GB of storage space as a user.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Google Domain?

There are two major advantages available on using Google Domain. They are as follows:

  1. You get saved from the burden of creating a new account for the domain. This is because almost every online service user has a Google account. However, it is essential to make use of a strong password for the google account. Furthermore, invest in two-factor authentication to create only one point of failure. 
  2. Another major advantage related to buy domain from google is easy picking up of existing tools from Google. Particularly because the users have an introduction of similar tools on Google analytics. Hence choosing google domain proves profitable to the users.

What Are The Step To Buy Domain From Google?

 The steps to buy domain from Google are as follows:

Step-1: Open the registration website. 

Step-2: Now click open the internet browser. 

Step-3: Search the website for the domain name.

How To Buy A Domain From Google

Step-4: Select a domain name for your website.

Step-5: Check whether the desired name is available or not available to you.

Step-6: If not available then switch to some other domain name.

Step-7: You need to recheck the availability.

How To Buy A Domain From Google

Step-8: Once you find the availability choose the domain you want to buy

Step-9: Select the number of years of domain validity.

Step-10: Now choose, the additional services you need. 

Step-11: The last step is to pay for the domain and services. 

How To Buy A Domain From Google

On facing any confusion users can connect with the team of customer service. While making payment ensure a well-secured internet connection to avoid fraudulence activities. I hope the blog proves to be helpful guidance to those looking forward to buy domain from Google and hosting

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