Fleurdesel – The Hotel Booking Responsive WordPress Theme

Fleurdesel – The Hotel Booking Responsive WordPress Theme

If you want to design a website for a Hotel Business then trust the Fleurdesel WordPress theme. You will be delighted to see the modern design and the elegance of the theme. The theme offers a total of 6 different homepages making it a part of the popular WordPress themes. To produce a sheen effect in the design the content background is marked with a significant amount of gold and black over the white background. The responsive WordPress themes also offer an elegant full-screen slider which can be utilized for essential information.

This theme is regarded as one of the best WordPress themes when it comes to hotel business websites. Let us look at the brilliant features offered with the theme

Easy Management of Booking

When it comes to the hotel business, the management of bookings plays a significant role in the smooth running of the business. The theme allows the administrator to modify the booking status of customers with ease and comfort. Change the pending status to complete or complete status to pending according to the availability of rooms.

Highlight Special Rooms

You can create multiple rooms with the theme. This means you have the option to highlight the different categories of lodging places available in your hotel. Mark the price of different room categories to help customers decide according to the budget. Moreover, you can mark the number of persons allowed in different rooms. This makes the theme services unique among the popular WordPress themes of hotel services.

Multiple Modes of Payment

What makes it one of the best WordPress themes for hotel chains is it allows multiple modes of payment. Apply the addons to give the guests the option of online payment or stick to the offline mode of payment. It also upgrades the standard of your hotel.


Retina Ready

The responsive WordPress themes are retina ready. The customers will be delighted to look at the elegant design of your website. Its view on both smartphones and tablets is amazing.

Unlimited Google Fonts

You can easily customize the theme using the large variety of Google fonts available with the theme. 

Fleurdesel offers a total of more than 8 rooms layout designs to the users. Different sections of the hotels like a gallery, restaurant, wedding halls can also be incorporated in the website. 

We offer this wonderful theme at an affordable budget so that your business grows rapidly. Easily connect with us using phone calls, live chats, and emails to buy Fleurdesel Hotel WordPress theme.

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