When Apple did not have the Safari browser, Mac computers had Microsoft Internet Explorer as the default Internet browsing program. After the launch of the Apple Safari browser, it had to encounter tough market competition due to the Google Chrome Internet browser. 

Google Chrome is a versatile Internet browser software, and everybody would love to download Google Chrome on their MacBook Air laptops. People use Google Chrome for many things like streaming videos, interacting on social media platforms, create Outlook account, or shop online. 

Google Chrome offers the best security, privacy, and latest surfing technologies. Therefore, get going to download Google Chrome on your MacBook Air computer and enjoy a host of services from Google.

Effortless Way to Download Google Chrome & Setup on MacBook Air

Instant Help Zilla’s technical research team brings you a full-proof step-by-step method to download Google Chrome and set it up on your MacBook Air. Follow the steps as they go on:
Follow the steps as they go on:
  1. You will need an Internet browser to download Google Chrome. You can start with the built-in Safari browser.
    click safari
  2. Please visit the website for Google Chrome. The link in this guide is completely safe, and it will redirect you to Google’s website.
    google chrome
  3. Tap the download Google Chrome for Mac button.download google chrome
  4. Go through the Terms of Use that will appear on a separate webpage. Go through the terms and conditions thoroughly. When you understand the terms and willing to agree, tap on Accept and Install.
  5. The Chrome for Mac setup file will start the download process. Once the download is complete, you need to locate the file googlechrome.dmg.googlechrome.dmg
  6. The googlechrome.dmg file should be in the Downloads folder of the MacBook Air laptop. Access the folder and execute the setup file of Chrome for Mac.
  7. A new software installation screen will open on your MacBook Air device. Depending on the Internet bandwidth, Google Chrome installation file download may take about a few seconds to up to a few minutes.
  8. After the completion of the installation file downloading, the computer will start installing these files.
  9. Once the installation is complete, you will see the Google Chrome browser interface that will greet you with the Get Started button.
    chrome sign in
  10. You may need to drag and drop the Google Chrome icon to the Applications folder if the computer asks.
    mac application dock
  11.  You have the option to start the Google Chrome browser program from the Dock or the Applications.
  12. You may erase the googlechrome.dmg file by dragging it to the trash bin of your MacBook Air.

Tips from Instant Help Zilla to Best Utilize Google Chrome

Now you know how to download Google Chrome for your MacBook Air computer. Let’s look into what more you can do with it:

  • You can easily create Outlook account from Google Chrome. You can sign in to existing email accounts as well.
  • If you need a private browsing window, follow these keystrokes: ⌘ + Shift + N.
  • You might need to open a standard tab. To do so, tap on ⌘ + T.
  • Hold the Command button and type any specific tab number to quickly move to that tab.
  • For the quick search feature on Google Chrome, tap ⌘ + L, and you will find the cursor on the URL bar. Start searching for the content that you want.
  • After you download Google Chrome, sign in to your existing Google account to sync browsing data from other devices.

Follow the steps in this well-researched guide to download Google Chrome on your Apple computer like MacBook Air. For more tips, tricks, and know-how guides, keep visiting Instant Help Zilla.

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