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If the devices you are using for business purposes need to be repaired, our company offers help to you all with the experts. From spyware removal to virus protection, from desk support to software repair, we do everything in computer services. No matter what the issue is, we aim to fix everything quickly to save the time and money of our clients.

    Here at Instant Help Zilla, we understand the problem of our clients that they suffer from wrong computer assistance and sometimes at the most inappropriate time which ends up ruining everything. Your working hours experience can sometimes be harsh when your system freezes even while typing an e-mail and sending the same; the dreaded error can piss you off. Sometimes, you might get the solution with it, but at the same time, the process of fixing it can come out frustrating, and you would need professional computer services.

    You can get antivirus protection customized with us that would keep your company’s devices safe and secure. Once you get it done, you no longer need to be afraid of threats of malware or any spyware.

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    Computer services work as a guide for people and companies, as experts offer online technical assistance using numerous softwares. If you demand commercial technical support, we also provide the same, known as Information Technology or IT, Computer tech support, and network support professionals. These are certified experts supporting clients dealing with major technical issues in their systems and need computer assistance.

    So, if you are searching for the most comprehensive and convenient technical help, get in touch with our team who provides fantastic computer services to the clients.

    Welcome to Tech Support- The free site for computer-related queries

    Everyone in the market is struggling to deal with the new malware. We use intelligent technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, which can monitor every single software or application on your device and classify anything with the solution. Our technologies don’t work like traditional antivirus software that detects a malicious process only, but it would catch before attacking the device and data through AI.


    This ‘free’ word can be exciting anymore. The sponsors and donations pay for the computer assistance we provide; you don’t need to pay a single penny to get the solution.


    We understand the insecurity level of our clients, so we take security and privacy very seriously, providing you bank-level encryption to keep your data safe.


    You can drop your queries anytime, and you will get reverted within a few minutes or a few hours, depending upon our number of experts we have in computer assistance. We have no working hours as such; we work 24/7.


    Our company has the most experienced experts who are highly trained in computer services. Some of them have received “Most Valuable Professional” from Microsoft.


    You may have heard about us, ‘Instant Help Zilla’; we are on cloud nine to share our success story of computer assistance with our clients.

    SINCE 2017

    Instant Help Zilla has been rocking since the time it launched and has thousands of registered users. To know more about us, sign up today and read it out.

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    Instant Support

    Experts are here for you 24/7; you can take computer services anytime and anywhere under the sun.

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    Self Help

    Get hacks videos from us to solve the most complex technical issues look very basic.

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    Just forget about all the insecurities or privacy concerns you have regarding your device and let your device run like a pro.

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    Do you feel that your system is not working well anymore? If so, you can assign this duty to us where you won’t feel like it’s your old device once you get it optimised by our computer services.

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    Diagnosis & Repair

    Our experts can fix anything doesn’t matter how complicated the issue is; we know how to diagnose and repair everything.

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    Setup & Install

    Do you find installing and setting up something a headache? If so, you can rely on our computer services; they will pay all your bills.

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    Virus Removal

    You might get afraid of malware, threats, hackers, and whatnot? It can panic anybody when it comes to your business. We have a specific domain of computer assistance to take care of your security and privacy.


    Most frequent questions and answers

    To fix the blue screen error, you will need computer assistance. Interpret the reason and re-boot your system; if it still does not work, consider taking computer services from Instant Help Zilla.

    You can copy the BIOS file to the USB drive and then reboot your PC. Enter the BIOS and choose the BIOS-updating option. Select BIOS file to the USB drive, and BIOS will be there with a new version. If this doesn’t work, reach out for computer assistance or computer services.

    Computer assistance is not necessary for the solution; you can manually update the most recent version of Chrome by these steps: Options>Help>About Chrome. You will see your current version running and a new version as well. Click to update Chrome without expensive Computer services.