Cascara- The WordPress Theme for Blog & News Magazine

Cascara is a unique theme that fits perfectly for Blogs as well as News. The theme offers neat typography and good accessibility to the readers. So, if you looking for a stylish as well as a professional theme you can easily trust the Cascara responsive WordPress themes. The theme offers handcrafted elements that help in keeping the visitors interested in the website. This makes it one of the most popular WordPress themes for holding visitors. When using the theme for designing a news magazine, users can rely on the professional elements available with the theme.

Choosing the best WordPress themes can be difficult for users. However, you can easily rely on Cascara after looking at the multiple features offered with the theme.

Widgets & Post Designs

With Cascara you are offered custom widgets. The custom widgets will take your website to a whole new level keeping the visitors delighted. When designing and developing a new magazine the clear visibility of the content is of prime importance. The theme offers a Pixel-crafted posts pattern that keeps the valuable content highlighted to the readers. Hence you can rely on the Cascara responsive WordPress themes when developing a news magazine.

Keep View Count & Multiple Categories

It is indeed necessary to keep a view count of the news magazine. The theme allows you to keep a note of the view count elegantly. This way you can recognize the popularity of your page. The theme also offers multiple categories for users. For example, you can keep the hot news indicator button on the webpage to notify the user about the latest news, current updates, etc. Keep as many of them as needed for your magazine. Use Unique and Attractive designs for each category on the website.


Page Builder & Plug-In

You can rely on the drag and drop page builder available on the theme. This saves a lot of time. Moreover, you are saved from the burden of coding. The theme is counted among the popular WordPress themes when it comes to colors. Designers can use different colors on different sections to highlight multiple products or features. It is compatible with the contact form 7 plugin to help the designers work with comfort.

Fonts & Typography

Users are offered more than 700 Google fonts from the users. Moreover, you can also utilize your fonts by uploading them on the theme. The Typography setting allows the users to customize the font weights making it unique among the best WordPress themes available in the market.

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