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Choosing an efficient WordPress blog theme is essential for increasing the number of users. It is as important as getting the right content on your website. In fact, most of the users will not feel like staying on your blog when you don’t stick to WordPress top themes in it. With so much to choose from, there can be confusion among the users. You can also get WordPress themes for free to use on your webpage. 

The best word press theme is the one that effortlessly showcases your words and highlights them. This is essential to provide an appealing platform for the readers. Let us have a look at the best WordPress blog themes available for the users. 

Go For The Unique Candor Theme

The Candor theme is best suited to bloggers who want to develop customers with their writing. You will get to avail of a clean and elegant homepage offering a candid start to your writing. Moreover, you can also add a sign-up box for the visitors. The sign-up box can be folded to help you save space.

On the downside, the design offers fewer options for customization. However, the availability of four different layouts will give your blog a unique feel. The plus side is that it lets you read the blog on both computers and smartphones with great compatibility. 

Looking For Amazing Visuals Choose Vilva Pro Theme

The Vilva Pro theme is meant for those bloggers who prefer to use a lot of photographs on their blogs. Unlike the previous one, it offers multiple features of customization to the users. With a whopping 48 layout designs, you can keep trying till you find the WordPress top themes meant for your blog.

This layout is specifically suitable for those who focus more on candid designs. Bloggers looking for simple designs may find it confusing for them. The plus sides include guidance for the proper set up of one’s site. The designs are compatible with multiple browsers making it indispensable to many.

Simplicity At Its Best Means Modern Studio Pro Theme

The Modern Studio Pro goes exactly as the name suggests. It gives you the freedom to go for the classic layout of the blog. The sidebar is kept on the right making it look elegant in appearance. There’s plenty of blank white space left for the readers giving them a personal connection with the blog. This is because unlike other blogging designs the layout is simply forming a bond with the readers. 

Soft and readable words are the strong point of the layout design. Though the number of features offered is not huge in number the simplicity outshines everything.

Minimalism Is All About Hero Theme

The Hero theme allows you to focus on the design and the theme for sure looks fabulous. Isn’t it great to be able to highlight a brief of your blog to the readers? Yes, you read it right, the theme comes with a parallax banner. You can write a short introduction or brief the readers about what your bog is all about on this parallax banner.

The theme is simple and yet effective in appearance. It is particularly popular for those bloggers who want to focus on writing more than anything else.

Looking For A Free Theme Go Hemingway

When you are looking to find the best WordPress themes for free Hemingway is a great choice. The theme is a splendid choice and offers a lot of whitespaces. Though the number of options is limited to users it still makes a great choice to go for. 

The theme offers a layout of 2 columns along with a large custom header image. It also offers the user four unique blog posts. 

The One Stop Solution For All Your Needs Divi Theme

The Divi theme is basically something that can be used for almost all the needs and it can do anything. The theme has a high number of possibilities. It is one of the easiest themes to work with. You can simply create your pages, layouts, and designs.

The theme offers you to use more than 40 different model designs to work with. This makes it pleasurable to try different designs for the blogs. Multiple portfolio elements like pricing table, email forms, etc. are also available to the users, etc. 

While choosing a WordPress theme for your blog try to maintain the coherence of content with the layout of the design. A blog about a fun topic will never go with a simple design. Similarly choosing a bright shade for a dark topic is not a good idea to go for. If you are low on budget then invest in the WordPress themes for free. A free theme can also leave the readers with great impact when you use it efficiently.


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